Placing the Indian competence in the world map

India’s wealth of human resources puts it in an enviable position. Specially because the quality of the resources available is very high. That there is a perennial demand for qualified Indians, irrespective of socio-political factors, is of no surprise.

Our Objectives

  • Identifying & Supplying Qualified, Experienced, & Dedicated Human Resource.
  • To supply manpower to domestic employers.
  • Add to overseas employers in the first point.
  • Obtaining attestation of certificate from the appropriate authorities.
  • Facilitating Training.
  • Arranging Ticketing Facilities.

Deliver unique value at every stage of the customer journey

It’s a customized service provided by sooriya travels india where our Job Search experts contact maximum number of employers relevant to client’s profile and industry on their behalf through Open Jobs & Zapping.

Career advice & candidate resources

International visa rules have changed – instead of skilled migration; most countries are now focused on employer sponsored visas. Last year alone, Canada issued over 200,000 work visas and Australia over 68,000. Europe has introduced the EU Blue card to allow foreign workers to come and work in the Schengen zone. Global employers looking for skilled professionals and visas are being issued faster.sooriya travels india offers a number of services to candidates interested in working overseas.

Connect people with the right jobs for them

Open Jobs refer to search and application of relevant job openings matching to client’s profile in the country chosen by the client. Our job search experts work actively to understand the job description, specifications and analyse the current job market trends. They do an extensive search by applying for job through various job boards, consulting firm, placement agency, career sites and social media (LinkedIn).They also register client’s profile with potential job boards in the respective country.

Free resume feedback & makeovers

We have an in-house team of experienced resume writers who make a convincing case on the behalf of the job applicants by presenting riveting resumes. Our result oriented services ensure that the applicants’ chances of working abroad increase significantly. This is ensured by our resume marketing, job search and process consultancy services.We uses cutting-edge technology and talent of experienced HR professionals whose aim is to send resumes to matching job profiles and employers.

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Some of our services

We identify all the open jobs in your region of choice and apply to them on your behalf.

We’ve worked with some great companies already. We think you
should join them in your quest for top talent.

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